Posted by: Karen | January 7, 2007

In Other News

Nose Creek XC Next Week:
Dawn and I are in charge of this race on Saturday, and we’re really looking forward to it. The Calgary Roadrunners Grand Prix series is a lot of fun and a good challenge for all levels. Come out for some fresh air and then warm up in the hall afterwards with soup and dessert. It’s our first time managing a race, so be gentle on us.

Family Games Night:
Last night we had our first family games night of the year. One of Soccer-Boy’s buddies came over and we played Spy Alley first. The buddy had brought it over, so we played it to be polite. I was pretty bored by it at first, but after I’d eliminated my two children in a stroke of sheer luck, my competitive juices got flowing and I had more fun (um, sorry kids…). Heck, I got so caught up in the deceit part (very unlike my genuine, honest nature) that I forgot to win when I had the chance.

After that we broke out the Supermunchkin game I’d been waiting to play since Christmas. We’d never played any of the Munchkin series before, and started this way too late in the evening to master all the geeky rules. We did have a BLAST reading some of the funny cards, though. We’ll have to start this one earlier in the day next time.

Usually we just play Monopoly, Life or Settlers of Catan (my favourite) but now and then one has to try something new.

How’s My Driving?
Our schools don’t end their Christmas break until tomorrow, so last week Little Runner came to the office with me a couple of times. It’s not easy to keep her confined to just my space. In an attempt to monitor her better and still get work done, I stuck a big label to her back (real name changed):

If I am behaving badly, call ext.

Now if I could just figure out how to work that same idea into some nifty embroidery on the back of my teenage son’s hoodie…



  1. I’ve played Monopoly, but never heard of the others!!

  2. Gotta go, but just thought I’d drop in and say, HI!

    Do you ever do jigsaw puzzles for family game time? Or is there no room? Or no patience with little bitty pieces?



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