Posted by: Karen | January 4, 2007

The Hilly Route to Frostbite Falls

9.6 km last night with the Crowfoot Running Room group brings my total to 14.6km/9.13 miles on my 2007 FBF quest.

Last night I left curry and rice warming on the stove for hubby and kiddos, and headed out the door for a 6:30 group run with the Running Room. I left the house a little late, but ran over to the store in time to hear the organizer say “Everbody got that? 5k run leader here, 10k run here, and those doing hills over here.”

I was a little nervous because I’ve never run with these folks before. I wore my favourite t-shirt (from Daria in N.Y.) “Have the Courage to Start” and several people gave me positive comments on it. Thanks again, Daria 🙂

TRAIL training still firmly in my mind, I followed the hills group over to their hill over a km away. I was happy to find that I was not way behind the back of their pack as they warmed up, but somewhere in the middle.

7-8 hills were on the agenda. I’d already climbed a small one to get to the store, so I did 7 with the group. Hills repeats are always a great way to get to know a running group, because you get to see each other over and over as you go up and down.

I consistently took 3 minutes to get up to the top, and then ran down in less than 2. Most of the folks walked down the hill, which I thought was a terrible waste of gravity. Besides, running downhill develops just as necessary skills/muscles as running up, I think.

They had this idea that one had to get the heart rate back down to 120 before repeating the uphill. The instructions were that if you didn’t walk down, you should wait 2 minutes at the bottom before going back up. Hey, I joined a new group to learn new things… but I got impatient and only waited one minute between my repeats.

All in all the group was friendly and encouraging and I look forward to going back next week.


  1. You are so cool. I would have taken that two minutes and begged for yours too! Great job!


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