Posted by: Karen | January 2, 2007

2007, Here I Come

I’m working on some of my plans for 2007 and here’s what I’ve come up with so far, in both running and not-running areas of my life. I was tempted not to write these out or publish them, but realize that I have a better chance of holding myself to them if I “say them out loud”. The list is detailed and kind of long, so skip what you want.

Calgary Penguins, please note #3 in Running/Fitness. I won’t be at Gord’s tonight.


1)Trails trails trails! Conquer monster hills repeatedly throughout the year. More running and trail hiking with my kids. No totally flat training runs allowed. End results desired: thoroughly enjoy every km of the Moose Mountain 29k in September and be able to tackle the 07/08 Grand Prix season in my best trail-running shape ever.

2) Consistently run 3 times a week, with a minimum of 13 miles or 21 km per week. More mileage will be expected most weeks but this is the minimum. Not an onerous goal for me, but one I’ve had trouble with the last 4 months. #3, next, lays out a new plan for achieving this.

3) Bravely go where this Penguin has never gone before – a local Running Room weekly Wednesday run. I’m going to miss my Gord’s Store buddies, but I think exchanging Gord’s Tuesdays for RR Wednesdays will fit into my family’s current schedule better. I was having a hard time squeezing in Tues/Thurs/Sunday runs this last while and am hoping that Mon/Wed/Sat (and still possibly Sundays too) works better. Plus I’ll be driving less and thus saving more money (see personal goals #2 & 3 below) if I run to and from my local store.

4) Return to logging my runs on Dawn’s simpler Excel sheet. Last year I tried her pivot table one and quit logging because it didn’t work for me and I was too lazy to transfer the data back to her simpler one. Back on the logging wagon now – thanks for the 07 version, Dawn!

5) Incorporate sit-ups, push-ups and simple core exercises into my weekly fitness routines. Maybe if I get my family to compete with me on a gradually increasing minimum per day/week it will be more fun. I will use a modified form Dawn’s log to schedule and log these exercises for them and me.

6) Snowshoe in the mountains at least once in January. Did I mention hiking earlier?

Social – Running Related:

1) Successfully help Dawn direct the Nose Creek XC race on January 13th. I will bring a pot of soup, bring some supplies for the coffee & bun table, bake cookies as AG awards, help set up and clean up the hall. Heck, I might even get to race if she has enough course marshals.

Family/Social/Personal – Not Running Related:

1) Enjoy every waking moment of our family trip to Orlando in February, while staying within a tight budget.

2) Drive less (not easy with a teen and tween for whom I’m the taxi).

3) Waste less money and stuff. Work efficiently to make more money and better manage what we’ve got, without sacrificing family priorities.

4) Play a board game with family at least once every 2 weeks, if not more often. Our family game night kind of faded out in ’06. Time to renew the fun bonding ritual – we miss it.

ORN: Last night I started my annual January journey to Frostbite Falls by running and walking 5 km. I made myself run up both the small and big hills, only walking for a bit at the top. There was only a little bit of ice, and the chinook wind blew 7C/45F air around me. If anyone would like to meet me there, I’m bringing Kahlua for the coffee and potato lefse rolled up with butter, cinnamon and sugar 🙂



  1. Really like your goals, Karen! Just think how many more running buddies you’ll have, how many more faces you’ll know when you race. Sounds good to me! Enjoy family game nights again. I miss those too!

  2. Good for you!
    Nice goals, set in a timely manner!
    I have been looking over my late-onset goals from 2006. (I think I finally got them posted in March or so. But Goofy et al was a good reason for being delayed, I feel.) Anyway, I did GREAT on some and FAILED miserably in others.
    Resolutions don’t mean squat if you never begin, eh?

  3. Those are some good goals. Having it in writing helps create a sense of focus. Good luck on all of them!

  4. Nice stuff. Heh, that will make two penguins “boldy going” where no penguin goes before…lol. All the best in 2007 my good friend.

  5. I find the excell sheet works better for me, I get so confused otherwise..


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