Posted by: Karen | December 26, 2006

Found My Runners

Oh HEY, I found my running shoes yesterday (they weren’t exactly lost) and went out for a quick jaunt around the neighbourhood.

It was quick because

a) I was squeezing it in between presents, brunch and heading over to in-laws’ for formal dinner, and

b) I was carrying around a gazillion calories from Ukranian Christmas Eve supper and stocking stuffer chocolate.

I wore a Santa hat and carried a jingle bell to make it fun, and it worked. I couldn’t keep from smiling and waving at everyone I saw.

I even managed to do a good deed, though not as dramatic as Mark’s. As I crested a little hill a very happy beagle ran past me going the other way, all by himself. I turned around and followed the dog back to the fire hydrant, where it stopped to read the local bulletin board. “Here, happy doggy!” I noticed its collar and tags and wagging tail, so I crouched down and called it until it came over and gave me a couple of welcoming slurps. By the time I’d grabbed the dog’s collar, the owner finally managed to catch up, panting and carrying the leash.

 “Thank you!” (tired smile from doggy chaser)

“You’re welcome. Merry Christmas!” (happy smile from joggy santa runner)

Today the exercise consisted of a lot of stooping stretches, involving cleaning up toys and wrapping paper.

Tomorrow? SNOWSHOEING. Hooray! I hope there’s some snow in them there mountains…



  1. Hope you had fun snowshoeing. I had a lazy day. Heh wait, how come you & everyone else can post but I can’t *sigh*.


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