Posted by: Karen | December 22, 2006

Next Christmas

I was MUCH more prepared for my marathon last summer than I was for this Christmas. This is normal, for me to be scrambling in December, but maybe, just maybe it doesn’t have to be this way.

I’m thinking I should write up an 18-week training program to prepare for Christmas, just like I trained for my marathon. I will calendarize shopping, craft time, card-writing and baking, just like I blocked off time for long runs. Heck, if I work it right, I could even work in a 3-week taper in which to attend parties and concerts without feeling a time crunch. I realize that this is nothing new to you organized, disciplined folks, but it would be to me.

I might even be able to RUN once in a while.

On the running front? Parties & gift preparation vs. Running? Running is losing big time. I did, however, get out last weekend to the Silver Springs XC Race and cover something between 3-4 hilly, icy km with Dawn and our Little Runners.

Thanks Dawn for the photo!

I also attended Gord’s annual Light and Cookie run on Tuesday this week. The Light run was just that, an easy jog along the posh Crescent Heights ridge, where we admired gorgeously decorated homes. Then Gord and his lovely wife welcomed us into their home for tasty jambalaya, hot apple cider, pot-luck treats and great company. The company on the run and at the party was very enjoyable.

I am not an Athlete lately. I am a jogger who dreams of post-run brownies. I’m not particularly worried about that. I’ve cycled through enough ebb and flow of training volume over the last seven years to know that when I’m ready to ramp it up again, I will. The Athlete will be returning soon, right after Christmas.



  1. A jogger who dreams of brownies is still an athlete. Yum. Brownies. Wouldn’t they be ice.

  2. Merry Christmas Karen! Will try to catch up over the holidays. Good for you for getting a race in, and keeping the running thing going. Brownies are a great part of life as well, so enjoy them!

  3. I really like the idea of a Christmas training program. What a great idea! I, too, was scrambling to get everything done at the last minute, as usual. It sure would be nice to get through the whole Christmas season upright and smiling.
    Hope your holiday was wonderful and wishing you all the best in 2007 – and many happy runs!


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