Posted by: Karen | December 15, 2006

Christmas Busyness

I haven’t run since the Tuesday after the Okotoks race two weeks ago. In that time have been to:

  • his work’s Christmas party – he’d walked all day so wouldn’t dance.
  • a soccer game – yay team!
  • several kid and grocery-related errands.
  • my work’s Christmas party – why do dance bands all think we are deaf?
  • junior high band Christmas concert – love those trumpets!
  • elementary Winter Festival – the reindeer song was very cute.
  • the malls – ’nuff said. Not ’nuff stuff yet, though…

The tree is up, too. We’re so into Christmas the kids are already tired of Japanese oranges (we’re only on our 2nd box already). And I’ve even got a bloggy clip art thingie here, hang on a sec,




Dangit, that’s fuzzy, kind of like me this time of year. Which reminds me, I’ve burnt two whole trays of chocolate butterscotch almond triangles. The family is thrilled about the slight burn, which means I won’t be carting them off in tins to parties.

I’ve got 11 Christmas crafty gifts done, 6 more to go. They’re turning out quite nicely, I think.

No Christmas cards out yet, but I’ve written the newsletter – does that count? Is sending it by e-mail instead of in a card rude?

Ah well, Happy Christmasing to you. There WILL be some running this weekend.



  1. Looking at that fuzzy clip art thingy hurts my eyes! Or maybe it was that beer from last night, hehe! Run Good!

  2. Huh, I can’t hear you! I think the bands are deaf and they still have a need to hear themselves. I kno’t mind getting slightly burnt offerings. I

  3. Sounds like you’ve been doing a Christmas marathon! 🙂 Do you miss the running or are glad to take the hiatus? Sounds like a glorious time xmasing!

    Happy trails
    GP in Montana

  4. Sending by email instead of by card is FAST and economical. For people to whom you think a paper document is IMPORTANT, go ahead & snail mail.

    I often/always nowadays do a mix of e- and snail- mails for Xmas greetings. It’s a whole new world we live in, eh?


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