Posted by: Karen | December 2, 2006

Still Out There

This weekend I’m busier than a one-armed paper hanger, but I’ll stick up this little report of my two runs this week before I have to head off for the Okotoks XC later today.

Tuesday it was -22C/-8F on my thermometer, but I needed a run of some sort, so I layered up and went around my 8-minute block 3 times. My cold-weather gear isn’t quite as current or as expensive as Mark’s, but it did the trick for 24 minutes.

I vaselined the skin around my eyes and didn’t wear a face mask. I had something to cover my mouth and nose for the first couple of minutes, but didn’t need it after that – needed the oxygen more. There was a wind, but in the shelter of my block I didn’t need much protection, and the small loops kept my body parts rotating away from long-term exposure.

Yeah, yeah, don’t tell me about treadmills, either. I like them about as much as Mark does (not) and my cut-off is about -25C ish. Thankfully, it doesn’t get that cold for long in Calgary, (3 hours south of Edmonton). Plus? We have the Olympic Oval in which to run if I get desperate and have to head indoors.

Thursday evening it was much warmer out, at only -5C/23F, and some of the hard-packed snow turned to mashed potatoes. At least the hard ice hadn’t melted, which was good, because partially melted ice can be slicker n’ snot. There was a Chinook wind from the west, but it seemed balmy-warm after Tuesday’s run.

All you runners out there who get to run on dry ground? Treasure your traction, eh.

I ran for almost 40 minutes and stuck in my 3-minute hill for good measure. Funny, last winter that was a 2-minute hill, but lately it’s been taking more like 2:45… Need to do something about that.

Time to get packed up for today’s snowy XC. While you’re waiting for my report, here’s how pretty it looked last year.



  1. You are a brave woman. I’ve been on the treadmill for weeks now. Thank God for iPod, is all I can say!

  2. heh — you said “eh” in your blog! I love how y’all Canadians talk — I hang out with my kid’s hockey coach just to hear his great accent (that and he’s cute, too!)

    I’m such a cold-weather wimp — it hits 40 and I’m inside on the TM. But I also run in 95+ F during the summer, so I think that balances out!

  3. Ok, I have NOTHING to complain about. You’re a goddess!


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