Posted by: Karen | November 25, 2006

Someone has a Social Life

Lately I post a fair bit about fun time with Little Runner, but don’t think Soccer Boy is being neglected. Last weekend he got to go to the wave pool with buddies, and they hung out with some girls. All of a sudden the boy is spending inordinate amounts of time on the phone and MSN.

Yesterday the logistics of having a couple of north-city guys hang out with south-city girls took on nearly Amazing Race proportions as C-trains and car-pooling came into play. Somehow last night I ended up with 3 extra gigglers at my dinner table, and then I was shanghaied into taking them all to a soccer game in which my son wasn’t even on a team. At least I knew one of the parents there. It was kind of fun, having my car full of bubbly teenagers.

Tonight there’s more socializing going on, involving a movie, a birthday, and more car-pooling. Man, I have to get that car in for maintenance soon…



  1. Well at least you have a social life…………….sort of!


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