Posted by: Karen | November 25, 2006


Tuesday evening I headed out my NW-facing door to go to running club. A nasty cold wind blew right through my bones and I went straight back in. I grabbed my wind pants and another top before heading out again. 

Joanne and Tim and I ran together, and it wasn’t so bad out there once we got going. I was dressed fine for running into the wind on the way out, and unzipped my jacket when we warmed up  in the more sheltered areas on the way back. The ground was dry and ice-free, and I enjoyed it while it lasted. We got in a good 55 minutes of running, and I ran the whole way up the curling club hill.

At the top I turned around and looked for Mark’s proverbial piano tied to my butt. Nope, I couldn’t see it either… My lungs weren’t really impressed with that hill. I think my lungs need to suck it up.

Wednesday we received a big load of snow and a chilly blast of cold air to go with it. Thursday night I could have gone out, but stayed in watching t.v. and working on Christmas present crafts. Those are a secret from the blog – the family reads here too, eh.

It was -16C yesterday morning and the weather’s getting even colder this weekend, so I hauled my rear out then to make up for Thursday night’s missed run. I put on a few layers, took out the garbage, and got out the door as the sun rose.

A challenge with winter running in a hilly neighbourhood is that the ice is harder to negotiate on slopes. Yaktrax work great on ice and snow, but they can wear too fast on clean, hard sidewalks. Not everybody consistently a) cleans their walks or b) leaves them covered, making my footwear choice a toss-up.

I solved my traction dilemma by strapping on the Yaktrax and heading up to the soccer field plateau nearby. Running in fresh, 2-inch deep snow over a mown-grass field is a little more challenging than road running, but I considered it good trail training. It took me between 5-7 minutes per lap of the field (more than one field there, and some ball diamonds too), and I was able to vary which body parts were exposed to the wind by running loops.

I’d aimed for 40-50 minutes of running, but after 30 minutes I was quite tuckered and headed home to warm up. My hands, torso and head were sweaty, but my quads and toesies were still cold. Those handy vents in the top of my new Brooks are nice on warmer days, but I might have to duct tape them for really cold ones.



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