Posted by: Karen | November 15, 2006

Club Running This Week

Last night at Gord’s we had a nice turnout. Linda picked me up and we carpooled over. Linda walked with Krista, Joanne ran with me, and Dawn ran somewhere in between. Tim was there, too, but he ran faster tonight. Not sure what happened to Duke. Giovanna ran way up with the skinny fast guys and later I heard them giving her advice on how to do hill repeats.

Joanne and I did not go at a blistering pace, but we ran much of the way. We used big ice patches to justify our walk breaks. It wasn’t as cold as Saturday, which was nice. At the end I tried to run all the way up the curling club hill, but ice patches got in my way there, too. I still ran in between the ice patches.

So… who’s coming NEXT Tuesday? 🙂

This Thursday I’ll be running with the Calgary Roadrunners Club Night. Come out an join us if you like.




  1. Just as I was about to say how much I envy your being in a place with a running club, I thought… hey, wait, I’ll bet there’s one here where we are for the winter. I’m going to check! Thanks!


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