Posted by: Karen | November 9, 2006

Snow, Chinook, Snow…

Oh, in my IMF excitement I forgot to tell you I ran in the snow last week. Last Thursday night I finally got out for my first real winter run of the season.  It took me a little longer to get ready, as I located my mitts and earmuffs.

I went out for about 20 minutes after dinner and had to head back home. I wasn’t too cold – it was just too slippery. I was tensing up over the ice and not relaxing my stride enough. Did I give up? No, I opened up my latest pair of Yaktrax (my third pair in 4 years), stuck ’em on my shoes and went out for 20 more minutes.

By the end of that my recovering right knee cap was doing its disconcerting clicking thing, and I decided 40 minutes was enough.

This Tuesday we were in the midst of a glorious chinook, and the running paths and streets around Gord’s Store were dry again. Heck, it was so nice out (7C/45F) that I left my jacket at the store and just ran in leggings and two shirts. No mitts necessary.

Krista was back with the Tuesday night group after a few months off of running. She will be walking from the store as a Walker on Tuesday nights, so if a) you’re in Calgary, b) you’ve been thinking you’d rather walk than run, and c) want some company, maybe you should come out on Tuesday nights too.

Tim and I ran to the Zoo and back, with Duke and Kellie not far behind us. Duke was celebrating having run his first 10k race by running in new shoes, and Kellie just ran the Chicago marathon a couple of weeks ago.

We won’t be doing that route again this winter. The darkness of the zoo park, combined with the folks from the homeless center hanging around in it made both Tim and I uneasy. Mind you, the presence of numerous, possibly untrustworthy strangers really helped me to keep up the pace. And heck, my knee didn’t click once.

By the time we got to the hill of the Center St. Bridge, the force of gravity seemed a little stronger than usual, but I did manage to run up a fair bit of it. Duke and Kellie came up right behind us with big smiles on their faces, and we all finished together.

I should have been running again tonight, but somehow Thursdays have become a big homework-helping night around here, and I couldn’t get away. Plus, I’m glad I didn’t miss Survivor tonight- what a great episode! Now this game is interesting.

I might run tomorrow, but if I do it will have to be short and easy. The 3rd XC race in the Grand Prix is on Saturday – Edworthy – and I’ll need to be fresh to manage those steep slippery slopes in yes, more snow.



  1. It rained, dryed up, rained again, kinda dried up, then snowed…………….and stayed,,,,,,,,,so far! I DON’T like cold wet feet.


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