Posted by: Karen | November 4, 2006

Now They Get to RUN

Ellie finished her bike in 7:06:44, with a transition of 8:05. Nancy’s not far behind her (about 35 minutes), having finished her bike leg in 7:29, with an 8 minute transition.

According to my math, this gives Ellie about 7h50m to finish the marathon before tonight’s cut-off and Nancy has about 7h15 to complete hers in order to obtain official finisher status.

Nancy’s bike time isn’t quite “happy” according to Nancy’s predictions post, but it’s early in the “okay” range. I’m betting the winds out there today made for quite a challenge.

Nancy did her Goofy marathon in 6:37 – a sub 7hour marathon is not unthinkable. I think our buddies are right on track to complete this thing.


8:16 Calgary time

We’ve been celebrating Ellie’s and Nancy’s crossing of the half-marathon chip mats. Ellie crossed at 2:49:59 and Nancy made it across the chip mats at 3:13:10.

I’ve got my computer speakers hooked up and the live video feed rolling. Very cool seeing all these Ironmen crossing the finish line!



  1. Ellie’s done! She looked great! I’m so excited!


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