Posted by: Karen | October 27, 2006

Ran Today, Too

Yesterday I packed up Little Runner and shipped her off to the inlaws for an overnight visit. Then I whipped up a grilled cheese sandwich and handed it to my son in the devil costume as I drove him to his school’s Halloween dance.

I came home, cooked up 3 more grilled cheese sandwiches (1 for me, 2 for Hubby)and watched some Survivor on an eastern satellite channel. I settled right in and watched most of CSI while I was at it. As I drove to pick up the boy from school at 9 pm I realized that I had completely forgotten to get out for my Thursday night run.

Fine. I set my alarm early this morning, even though I didn’t have to get Little Runner up for school, and went out then, instead.

I am not much of a morning runner, but marathon training taught me that I can do what I need to do even at that time of day. I was only out for 29 minutes, but I made it worth it.

I ran in a very fine mist; the kind of precipitation that doesn’t fall, it just hovers until you run into it. It feels neat on my skin, especially since Calgary is normally such a dry place. The challenge when running in conditions like this is to see. As my face and therefore my glasses move through the mist they collect all the little droplets hanging around. After the first bit I get used to seeing past the drops.

I think I’m really going to like running on Sunday – forecasters are predicting we’ll wake up to a nice blanket of snow.



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