Posted by: Karen | October 27, 2006

Birthday Shoes

Tuesday night I showed up half an hour early at Gord’s, so I’d have time to buy some shoes before the group run. I’ve been alternating the two pairs of Sauconys that I used for my marathon way back in July, and the cushioning was getting pretty thin in both pairs.

I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted, except that the Sauconys I’d been using seemed a little too roomy now that I wasn’t doing regular 20k long runs in hot weather. Gord had me try on some more Saucony’s, a pair of Brooks Addictions, and a New Balance line that I’d tested earlier in the season. The New Balances were wonderfully light, but I was concerned about ankle support in snowy conditions, and went with the Brooks’ deeper heel cup. I picked up a nice, fresh pair of Yaktrax Pros as well and now I’m set for the winter.

My birthday money from August helped pay for part of the purchase (thanks Mom and Nana), AND Tuesday was Gord’s birthday!

We had a friendly, new-to-Calgary runner (Giovanna) show up for the group run. She has a charming South American accent and runs much faster than me. I look forward to introducing her to my swifter Calgary Roadrunner friends. Dawn was totally m.i.a., and I didn’t find out why she didn’t make it until afterwards. She’s missing from her blog lately too, but don’t worry, she’s just having a very busy week.

I had a nice chat with Tim as we ran the medium route. We stopped twice for walk breaks. The first one was “just because” and the second, on the way back was because my form was falling apart and the knee was clicking again. It was nice to work out some of the kinks from Sunday’s Confederation Park race.

After the run we had apple pie and apple crisp made by Regan, in honour of Gord’s birthday. I like birthdays.



  1. I’m so glad I found your blog. How inspiring! Good Luck & keep on running. Check out my blog and leave a comment if you like.


  2. You are welcome daughter dear! Love, Mom


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