Posted by: Karen | October 24, 2006

Kilometers and Milestones

My non-running husband works in a big box home improvement store and his position requires him to work with most of the departments every day. Last Saturday his pedometer after work read 17.1 km, and Sunday it read 13.5. Did I mention the man works in steel toed boots? No wonder he goes through socks so fast.

Little Runner was formally enrolled in a Girl Guide ceremony last night, and her troupe is working on their hostess badges. (So that’s the Girl Guide handshake…) It was fun letting them practice their hospitality on us parents at their enrolment. Oh yeah, and while I’m here, would you like to buy a box of chocolate mint cookies? $4 a box. Limited time offer.

Back on the Indoor Field
Friday I cheered on Soccer Boy to a 5-2 loss, which didn’t suck as bad as the previous week, when they lost 8-1. More on his attitude and the coach’s in an upcoming post.



  1. I’ll buy a case. Yes, really – a case. But I’m selling Scout popcorn… 🙂

  2. That’s quite some mileage in steel toed boots!

    Sounds like your family life is hopping (no pun intended…!)


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