Posted by: Karen | October 16, 2006

Trail Traipsing Photos

Dawn, I presume?

Dawn and I had fun iKaren grinning through the grass.n the marshy valley, peeking through stands of grass taller than ourselves. Dawn’s glasses got kind of steamed up and reflected the camera flash.



Up Up UpDawn got a couple of shots of me running up one hill and down another.Wheeeeee! You know it’s a delightful downhill when I’ve got my airplane arms out.



 This-a-wayDawn shows the way up a big hill (left). We’ll go through this little ditchHOW big is this hill again? at the bottom, then UP that big hill. Turn left just beside the paved path at the top.

On your right is the view of that same hill (with Dawn for scale) from the paved path I mentioned. The hill I just ran down is just behind the bridge.


 No more!Here’s what Dawn said when I wondered what was over that littleWhoo! We climbed that? knoll (behind her) at the top of the big hill. 😀

On the right you get a good idea of what the elevation changes are like in the valley.


Another view of Nose Creek Park.When we race in January it will probably be a little whiter.



  1. You guys have such nice trails to run, I’m going to have to move to Canada!

  2. thats a lot of grass


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