Posted by: Karen | October 5, 2006

Running a Little

Tuesday night Dawn and I showed up for the usual group run from Gord’s. I almost didn’t recognize her at first – her pink coat was tied around her waist and she was dressed mostly in black – incognito!

The gang headed west along the Crescent Heights ridge, which meant I had a nice flat dirt trail on which to run. I ran ahead and looped back for Dawn a few times. The rest of the time I walked briskly to keep up with Dawn. I kept the running gentle and ran only when I felt like it. Nothing hurt – it felt good.

I walked descents and ascents. No pell-mell craziness down the grassy knoll near the 10th St. train tracks. I was very tempted to run up the curling club hill, just to claim it. Because I knew I could. Didn’t, though. Leg muscles around my knee were starting to swell from the running.

Dawn and I made it back to the store in about 55 minutes – almost a 10 minute longer workout than last week. I probably ran 40% of it. I’m happy with that.

Tonight after helping LR with homework and birthday party invitations I’m looking forward to Survivor. I might manage a short run before that, I might not. We’ll see how the homework goes…



  1. I’ve never watched survivor but last night we had some friends here that won’t miss it and I really do think I might have to check this thing out! Have a great Thanksgiving too!

  2. So when is the birthday party? You must be busy. I check every day to see what you are doing, but this week, I miss you! Love, Mom


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