Posted by: Karen | September 20, 2006

Tuesday Walk

fence.jpgI had missed two Tuesdays at Gord’s in a row, so I was very happy last night when I was ambulatory enough to show up. I wore jeans again, as I wasn’t planning on running (and didn’t). I also brought my camera and had fun with Dawn and Kris. We sent a couple of newer runners on ahead of us and didn’t see them again.Green leaves behind, but brown ones on the ground.





Dawn and Kris and I managed close to 10 min/km for over 3 km and my leg thought that was just enough. I iced it last night and am again now. I should not have any problem finishing a hilly 4 km Waldorf course 10 days from now.

Pumpkin after frost... and some other leaf - cabbage?





My camera batteries were very low and so some of the shots I tried were way too unfocused to post, but here’s what survived.Normally I just LAUGH at this sign, and run rebelliously past.



The last one is Philippa, with steamed up glasses (from the “fresh” air) eating a home-grown tomato Gord had brought to share. I had a couple of them too. Very yummy!


Philippa and yummy tomato.











  1. I guess they have problems with people chasing the bicyclists.

  2. Leave it to Jon. Nice photos! How’s the knee?

  3. What’s wrong with the dude on the bike? WHAT HAS HE DONE TO THE RUNNER? Also? What’s on his head?


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