Posted by: Karen | September 17, 2006

Hike and a Hot Tub

Dawn’s hot tub called to me this weekend. So I called up Dawn and told her I was coming over, and was she free for a hike in Nose Creek Park? Oh, and I invited Dianne too. To the hot tub that is not mine. and Dianne’s children. and one of mine.

So Dawn and Little Runner and I drove over to the natural park in a creek valley not far from her house, and we went for a walk. Nothing strenuous, but enough so that I got some great FRESH air and stretched my legs on a couple of hills. It wasn’t freezing out, but there was a very chilly wind.

I did take a few running steps on a flat stretch, just because I wanted to, but I kept it short. I wore running shoes, but limited myself on purpose with jeans and a blazer.

We saw a skinny garter snake slithering across our path, and Dawn did not go screaming and running in the other direction. She zoomed her camera in on it as it froze on the spot. I considered picking it up to let Little Runner see it better, but that would have totally freaked Dawn out. The snake probably wouldn’t have liked it either. I did catch a nice big grasshopper, though. When I opened up my hand it even hung around for awhile.

Dianne met up with us after the walk. We opened up a bottle of white something and headed for the hot tub. It’s quite a challenge, drinking wine in a hot tub with 3 bouncy kiddos present.

Not sure if it was the walk, the wine, or the hot-water therapy, but my knee felt rather nice after that. I showed Dianne, a.k.a. “Coach” precisely where my knee is tight and after some prodding and kneading of the affected area we decided that the impact of my landing stressed the bottom of my I.T. band muscle, where it connects to the knee. The knee is still slightly less bony-looking than the good one. My right ankle has a few twinges too. I should be able to try a few little running breaks during some walks next week. After that we’ll see about the Waldorf XC on the 30th.

In the meantime, I’m keeping the ice pack handy.



  1. Wine therapy. Its the latest craze, you know. 🙂 There’s something very comical about inviting ones self over to the hot tub along with a whole crowd of other people. Even funnier that Dawn probably said “Sure! Bring everyone!”. It does sound like fun.

    Hope that knee is better today after the wine and hot tub. The ankle could just be feeling twingy from being overworked by the injured knee.

  2. You guys never invite me over. *whine*

  3. Take care of that knee! I will have to try the whine therapy as well… hmm, tempting.

  4. It’s a good thing I didn’t pick up the snake. According to this web site, it’s not recommended – for the snake’s sake:

  5. I particularly noted this (from the website you mention):

    STAND? (As in , still? Stand STILL?)

    You mean, NO shrieking, “Eeek! Eeek! Eeek?”
    and running away??

    That’s my usual m.o. upon snake encounters…


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