Posted by: Karen | September 16, 2006

The Not-So-Bony Knee (NRC)

No actual Running Content here. Move right along if you’re looking for that. 

Taken Monday. Sorry it's fuzzy. The leg wasn't swollen a LOT, just some.The swelling is steadily going down in my right leg. Wednesday I managed to walk almost normally, though when I picked up the pace through the rain in the parking lot I still suffered from a rhythmic dip on one side of my body. Kind of like a cool black rapper-dude, except cool black rapper dudes don’t wear burgundy cordoroy suits.

I went down flights of stairs backwards until yesterday. I’m getting out of the car normally and without pain now. Now that most of the muscular swelling is gone, I can feel ligamenty-type twinges on either side of the knee, especially the outer side. This knee will not be running or even hiking this weekend, but a slow, short walk in the very fresh air might be nice.

Non-Running leaves time for…
At least my closet and one of my children have happily benefitted from my injury. Little Runner has had several toys impounded for various reasons over time, and Hubby’s method of confiscation leaves a lot of toys all jumbled up in the top of our closet. I cleaned out my closet while Little Runner cleaned off shelves in her bookcase. She earned back one toy for every clean shelf, and I found the earrings I had lost in the move. Last YEAR. Oh, and bonus #2 – I found all of the orthopedic braces my husband has ever owned for every sore joint he’s ever had. And now they’re all in the same box – yay me.

Confession time: Mom? You know the present I thought I gave to Soccer Boy? Apparently I didn’t – it was still up in the closet too… Um, thanks again! He will be sending you a more precise thank you note shortly…

Thursday I sensibly didn’t run, in favour of folding laundry in front of SURVIVOR: Cook Islands. Woohoo! Yes, I am a Survivor geek. No, I am not tired of it yet. I will watch every Survivor they ever air. Yes, I was aware of the interesting racial controversy beforehand, and I think it will make for a very interesting show. No, I haven’t picked who I want to win yet, but I think the first person voted off was a very good move. Does anyone out there have any Survivor message boards or forums they really enjoy? The one I’m on is frustratingly shallow and I’d love to find a better one.

One of the Prairie Dogs out at Spruce Meadows last weekend. Popsicle or Pinky, not sure which.Last night I was able to wander pain and nearly twinge-free around the mall, where Soccer-boy dragged me to buy a computer game. We stopped at the pet store (no, we can’t have a puppy yet) and ended up in Zellers. Soccer Boy actually found a very warm winter coat that he is willing to wear, and we picked up a sporty winter number for Little Runner too. She has a lovely long parka for dressing up, but this one will do better for when she is running around outside.

I normally avoid shopping with a passion, but hey, winter’s a-coming. In fact our weather went from balmy shorts weather to 3 days of rain to white fluffy stuff last night, all in one week. My husband is going to be miffed when he sees the accumulation of ice on his car window this morning…

… nope, it was just slush. I cleaned it off for him and started his car while he was still in the bathroom. I don’t do that all the time, but sometimes gestures like that are good for the marriage, eh?

Does Dream-Running Count?
I did dream last night that I was running. I was running in a wide open grassy park on a smooth dirt trail. Suddenly came to the realization that here I was, out running happily along, yet I was not supposed to be, because I’m injured and supposed to be resting and healing. Still, since it didn’t hurt, and I had to get home anyway, I ran happily along until I awoke with a tight achy leg.

Was it only one week ago that I was minimally dressed, sitting in a delightfully brisk stream to cool off after an awesomely hot race? Two weeks until Waldorf. Maybe a nice walk and long, gentle, stretching session will loosen up a few things.



  1. Those knees look even to me! I would be looking at the right calf, inside just below the knee, for a trigger point. Another possibility is above the knee on the outside right where the quad attaches. Run Good!

  2. Ouch…so glad you are feeling a little better. Cleaning is a good thing! But I can’t believe you have snow already….wow.

  3. I was going to say that the right knee actually looks ok, but the left one looks kinda funny. But maybe with the swelling it makes everything smooth and even and that’s what you mean by less boney. Swelling on the knee is never good but I’m glad its getting better. Are you icing it?

  4. Are you kneedy today? Love, Mom

  5. I’m with you on Survivor – I like it. Still trying to remember all those crazy names, though.


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