Posted by: Karen | September 12, 2006

XC vs Me

My right knee is still looking less bony than my left one, and I’m still limping. The swelling is going down, and I’m able to bend it more today than yesterday (Sunday? There was no voluntary bending happening then). Yesterday it felt like there was a tight layer of plastic wrap from the quad to calf, twisted in a spiral, tight up under my skin. Today I’m starting to feel individual muscles working again. I won’t be running or even walking at Gord’s tonight.

That said, don’t let my little set-back deter you from trying out trail running – because it’s really not very dangerous. Anyone who knows me well knows that I am not a person who takes really big risks. I’ve talked about the manageable risks of trail racing before, but now I’ll use my overall personal cross country stats prove a point (because this blog IS all about me, eh?).

Years of XC racing to date: Nearly 6
Began in October 2000.

XC Races Completed to date: 60
52 CRR Grand Prix Series Races, 2 LUTWs, 2 Moose Mountains, 1 Five Peaks

Number of DNFs: 0
I did shorten a race distance for the first time last February after falling on some ice. Hurt pride/confidence was the only real injury there.

Number of XC Race Related Falls: um, 10?
I don’t log those. Mostly I just “bounce“.

Number of XC training related injuries: 1
(tripped over an exposed pipe on a flat stretch of dirt next to a flipping SIDEWALK.)

Number of missed XC races due to any kind of injury: 2
(One primarily due to the injury itself,
one secondarily (MM 05) due to residual lack of training)

Total XC injuries requiring bandages of any kind: 1
(see Pipe Incident)

Number of XC RACE related injuries: 1
Saturday. No bandages necessary. Yet.
I’m not counting any scrapes-not-requiring-bandaids, bruises, blisters, or hurt pride.

Brownie/Cookie Factor – MINIMUM of 1/race = ~120
(maybe a couple hundred few more than that)

Nature vs pavement = WOW vs bleh

Exhilaration/Self-Motivational/Brag Factor – Infinite

Friend Factor – Huge

Recap: XC Races to Injuries 60:1. 

At this rate I should be good for another 5-6 years, eh? 

Next race: Waldorf on September 30. I’ll walk/limp the 4k option if I have to (I hope that won’t be necessary).



  1. Oh…man…I see I’ve missed out on lots of goings on up in Calgarian environs.
    Busy week & weekend – I’ll have to read myself up-to-date!
    Sorry you had an injury! Ouch. Bummer.
    But your stats are really pretty good, I’d say.

  2. Wow! 60 races? Damn. I think I can count ALL my races on my fingers. I am in awe, Karen.

  3. As a kid I would run through the woods near my house. It was so much fun. I remember how quiet it was – amazingly quiet with just the buzz and cheers of birds overhead. There are a few trails in my neighbourhood but nothing like the old root infested paths of my youth. I’m going to scratch a date on the calendar and plan a little XC run this month. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. OK. Am I the only one here that can’t do math? You all are so kind. 52 + 2 + 2 + 1 = 57. Shoot. Must’ve been the knee pain affecting the math centre in my brain. Premature race stat celebration – how pathetic.

    I’ll have to re-visit this after the Edworthy race, I guess…


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