Posted by: Karen | September 9, 2006

Moose Mountain Short Report

Dawn and I had a blast at the Moose Mountain race today. She volunteered and enjoyed the race atmosphere while I hauled myself over hill and dale on a scenic mountain side. The sun was delightfully warm, the towering trees majestically shady, and the breeze on the home stretch was divine.

I only fell once – a spectacular event, yet with minimal scrapage. Still I recovered and finished strong a good 80 minutes later. I’ve been icing a swollen knee off and on (y’know, when I wasn’t making dinner) since I got home.

When you run down hills as crazily as I do, it’s gonna happen eventually, eh?

Details and photos (Woohoo, Dawn brought her camera!) coming soon.



  1. Sounds like a good race, Karen. Is the swollen knee from the fall itself or the downhill stuff, or combination?


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