Posted by: Karen | September 5, 2006

Good Thing Summer’s Almost Over…


… because I’m almost out of bandaids.

Little Runner (who is working on becoming Little Rider) fell off her bike twice last night, and fell on the same elbow both times. I sternly admonished her to “stop falling” while patching her up, and she cheerfully agreed.

She’s back to school today, and her brother, too. Woohoo! My husband and I got up early and made the them blueberry pancakes (their favourite) to celebrate their return to school. I’m glad Julie gave me this great idea, and the kids ate it up too (bad pun – so sue me :P).

I don’t know if I’ll be at Gord’s tonight – Girl Guide sign-up is tonight too, and I’m wondering if Little Runner might want to try out Guiding. I’ll get in my run one way or another.

Oh before I forget, we had a really nice hike yesterday down by the Glenmore Reservoir.

South Glenmore Park



  1. OOOOOOOOOH! Pretty shot!

  2. I am glad that you could use the idea. The breakfast sounded yummy.

  3. You need one of those jumbo bandaids that covers your whole elbow. Either that or send them to school for free bandaids.

    Nice shot of the lake and trail. Do you run up that thing?

  4. I bought each kid a box of band-aids to do with what they choose. The other day I scrapped my hand and each child ran for his respective box of band-aids to help their clumsy father.


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