Posted by: Karen | September 4, 2006

A Run in the Dark

Yesterday I lazily slept in and didn’t get out for my run in the nice, cool morning.

I puttered around with other things instead, to avoid the heat. I re-packaged some meat I’d bought in bulk. I even took the time to add marinades to the freezer bags before freezing them. In the afternoon I took my daughter out shopping for some back to school clothes, and we stopped for lunch and groceries, too. Hubby worked until 6 and I made a late supper of beef satay. I put some laundry in the washer and resisted the desire to curl
up on the couch.

With Labour Day today, I could have saved my run for this morning, but I’d promised to run on Liz’s Day of Hope, so I put my shorts and shoes on, kissed my family, and headed out the door.

By the time I got outside it was dark, but that didn’t bother me – I run in the dark all the time in the winter. The air was still kind of warm, but not hot like it had been earlier. I ran much the same route I’d done on my birthday earlier in the week, but stuck more to the lighted streets instead of meandering through the pathways.

Something was kind of weird about my run. As I said above, I run all the time in the dark in the winter, but I felt different on this one. The shadows were kind of strange, but that wasn’t it. I felt more relaxed, more free than I usually do on dark runs. What was it? It took me a good 15 minutes before I realized that I wasn’t scanning my route for ice! Aha! I laughed when I realized that.

It was not a long run, only 5 km. I ran up the hills again, and imagined that it really wasn’t that hard at all. Since I wasn’t going far, I tried to keep the effort strong.

There were lots of folks out walking in the cool evening air. I saw some dogs out playing with their owners. There were other runners out, too. I frightened two big jackrabbits, one at each end of my oval-shaped route. There were a few other kinds of animals out, having barbeque parties and sitting around fire-pits in their back yards. Lots of happy sounds.

I was all sweaty when I got home, but greeted everyone with a kiss again. I poured myself a glass of milk, grabbed a few of my birthday chocolates and THEN I succumbed to the couch. Today is my kids’ last day before school begins again. I think I’ll drag them out on a hike.

Thanks for getting me out the door, Liz!



  1. OK, that’s freaking… I think we were re-packaging meat into smaller bags with marinade at the same time. Are we living in parallel universes??


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