Posted by: Karen | September 1, 2006

Birthday Run for Liz

I had a lovely birthday yesterday, with many calls from family and friends. My husband had the day off, so he baked me a cake and made a delicious dinner. My son decorated the entrance at home with lots of fun “40” balloons and had helped with the dishes. My daughter gave me big hugs and responded to my every request with “Yes, my Birthday Mom”. My in-laws came over to share in my opening of cards and presents, and to help me eat cake.

Birthdays are good. The more of them you have, the longer you live. And THIS year, I get to join a new racing age group. Woohoo!

The first thing I did yesterday, even before breakfast or going to work, though, was my Run for Liz. Here’s my report.

Hey Liz, yesterday I turned 40, just like you! I took thoughts of you along with me on my birthday run.

I am not much of a morning runner, but I know from my marathon training this summer that it is possible to make these legs go at that time of day. I still had to go to work and my family was planning a nice dinner for me later, so morning was the only time for it.

The road was still wet from rain earlier that morning. I wore leggings and a long sleeved tech shirt, as it was chilly outside (about 7C/45F). The air was so reFRESHing that I felt invigorated and ran the first short block out of my crescent feeling STRONG and FAST and AMAZING. In the second minute my I came to my senses and slowed to a more reasonable pace 😉

When I began running in 2000 a good friend of mine was going through cancer treatments, and I learned to cherish all of the feelings that I experienced out on the run, just because I could be out there. Running for you reminded me of her and her family, too. I prayed for your family while I was at it.

My goal for you and me this day was to run for 40 minutes in a row. I prayed for you up and down the hills of my neighbourhood. We sailed down the descents and though I was tempted to walk on the inclines, I remembered my goal for us this day, and thoughts of your struggle propelled me up. We took the hills one little running step, one gasp at a time, and before we knew it we were UP.

I didn’t always take the direct route, I meandered through little back lanes and pathways that wind between our streets. This was not a run to “get over with” this was one to experience, cherish, and claim.

I ran one minute for each of our 40 years, Liz. I hope and pray that we will have many more birthdays, and that next year we can go for 41.

I will also be Running for Liz this Sunday, September 3rd, for her Day of Hope. I hope you will be too.



  1. It’s good to run for a friend and congrats for running for Liz. I will turn 45 in two weeks and it’s a bit freaky to say the least. Happy Birthday to you.


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