Posted by: Karen | August 27, 2006

Ups and Downs

We have beautiful, sunny warm weather here in Calgary this weekend, but if you get up early enough it is still cool and breezy. Yesterday I didn’t get up very early, but I hit the road running at around 9 a.m.

I was so inspired by Jon who had his son bicycle beside him, that I asked our Little Runner if she would join me. LR has only recently managed to balance on two wheels, and thought this would be a great idea. We made it a whole kilometer away from home before she lost control and wiped out in a big way. She got a big scrape and had the wind knocked out of her, so I walked her back home and dropped her off for Hubby to console while I continued on my run.

It was a challenge to find a decent pace on this run, as I needed something long and hilly, in preparation for the Moose Mountain 16 km I’m doing in two weeks. I’m not brave enough to just go out trail running way out in the bush on my own like Donald, so I opted to climb up and down my hilly suburbs and use whatever dirt paths in hilly doggy parks I could find along the way. I’ve explored this area before, so this time I had a better idea of where some of the meandering alleys and pathways would take me. I still couldn’t re-trace my exact route if you paid me, however. I just meandered eastward and upward towards Nose Hill Park.

Shortly after I crossed the pedestrian bridge from Hawkwood to Edgemont I met up with two gentle old german shepherds out for a stroll by themselves. There was no owner in sight. They bore collars but no i.d. tags. I tried to lead them back the way they’d come, but they wouldn’t have it. No one I asked seemed to know them, and they trotted along with me for a while. I tried to lead them towards the fire station, in hopes that the guys there would give them some water and call Animal Services, but the older of the two dogs found some shade at one point and refused to budge before we got there. I left them at the Chimney Hill townhouses. I hope they found their way home.

I followed signs leading to garage sales, but didn’t stop at any, even when one offered iced tea and cookies. I took a gel and drank my Gatorade instead. I put in more time than I had done last time exploring the wild, grassy Edgemont escarpment and had to stop several times just to enjoy the view.  I also enjoyed the distraction of lots of Cabbage White butterflies throughout my run.

Eventually I made it home after about 2.5 hours. It was very cool to be fit enough just to go out and run around for that long. My legs didn’t really give me any grief until the last half hour, but I kept Moose Mountain in mind and did not choose the easiest route home.



  1. You say brave, others say stupid…I guess it all depends on your perspective. Have fun training with the little one – I did that for several months before the kid got too fast for me. It’s nice time together.


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