Posted by: Karen | August 22, 2006

Maintenance Mode

Nothing fancy, just maintenance modeFor the last couple of weeks (maybe longer?) I’ve only run about twice a week. I’m in bare maintenance mode, unlike Mark and Aaron, who are doing amazing stuff over at Complete Running. Go over there and check out their new articles and enter a very exciting contest. Cool!

Club Night: Last Thursday I showed up for the Calgary Roadrunner Club Night, and had a nice time trying to keep up with Carla and Karin for the first mile. They went off to do a big hill and then I worked hard to keep up with Louise, friend, and dog. When doggie stopped for a dip in the creek (it was hot out) I headed back to my car for the water bottle I’d forgotten to bring along. I did some walking after that, until everyone came back. About 10 of us had a nice chat over dinner.

I was a lazy slug on the weekend and didn’t do my long run for the second weekend in a row. At least the weekend before I managed 5k with Dawn. This time I lazed around on Saturday and then developed a sore throat Sunday. I coulda-shoulda run, but I just didn’t.

Tonight I showed up at Gord’s Running Store because it’s TUESDAY and I love running on Tuesdays 🙂 I ran with Duke and Kelly, and had fun telling Duke (who’s from Texas) all about how much fun we have in the winter. He asked for it. He’s going to need to buy some layers – including running pants. and mitts.

Dawn wasn’t there, and she missed a profound Zen quote. I even remembered most of it on our run! A few of our Gord’s group are heading out to do Ironman Canada this weekend and Gord chose a special pre-run Zen quote for them (Go Gord’s Athletes!). I liked it so much I brought it home to share with Dawn (and you).

This is it
and I am it
and You are it
and so is that
and He is it
and She is it
and It is It
and That is That.
– James Broughton

Oh, and did you follow that link to Complete Running at the beginning of the post? No? Well go now. Scoot…



  1. I seem to be in maintenance mode too. I thought I was just being lazy and putting off runs but now I know it has a name. Maintenance Mode! (sigh)

  2. Just call me lazy as well. Too much on my mind and I haven’t made it out the door since Gord’s last Tuesday. Come give me a shove will you.

  3. Interesting quote! I understand about “maintenance” and even “rest”… You did a lot of training to prep for that marathon. It seems more than reasonable to ease up a bit for a bit!

  4. Funny, that sounds a lot like a Dr Seuss quote. I like it, though.


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