Posted by: Karen | August 16, 2006

Rainbow Run

Last night showers were predicted, and the rain came right on schedule as I ate supper and got dressed to run. I drove down to Gord’s Running Store anyway, where it was still dry. The rain caught up with me as the group started out, but we all laughed and headed out in it anyway. It was light and cooled the air down nicely. We were rewarded with a GORGEOUS rainbow in the east as we headed down the hill in front of the Ukranian church.

The Penguins my speed have not been showing up lately, and even our newbie Duke was absent, so I started off quickly in front of Gord’s Runners, in hopes that I wouldn’t lose most of them until after we made it past the homeless shelter near the south side of Langevin Bridge. Kelly took pity and stayed with me as I puffed along and pushed my pace. Ian started his friend Heather out with Dawn and then joined Kelly and I for some pleasant conversation as we ran the medium option, to the 10th St LRT bridge.

Just as we were crossing the Bow river Ian spotted an animal down in the Prince’s Island bushes, and we stopped to see what it was. It was a HUGE beaver, lugging a green bough with it. We saw it swim down stream to where it looked like it was building a lodge. We also saw a couple of women playing and soaking in the river further downstream. They must have been drunk – the Bow is glacier-fed and icy cold. And folks tell me runners are nuts…

We went back up the curling club stairs and to the store in less than 50 minutes. I felt I had kept up a great tempo pace throughout the run. The speed, the weather and the company were just what I needed.



  1. I think we only have muskrats around here, which look like beavers from a distance except their tails are like rats….


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