Posted by: Karen | August 16, 2006

40 Pictures

Actually Dawn has more than that many photos of our birthday weekend out at Dianne’s cottage. And for the record, I’m not technically 4 decades old for another 15 more sleeps. Time to get my beauty rest now, it might come in handy…



  1. If 40 bothers you, wait til you see the next one! Run Good!

  2. My beauty rest has failed me miserably. Oh, yeah, that’s RIGHT…I was supposed to STOP AGING at 26…hmmmm…my magic anti-aging-dust has failed me miserably.

    I didn’t mind 40. Of course, I didn’t admit it for almost a decade…THIRTY bothered me.
    And from 50 on…
    let’s just say my mind is BLOWN.
    Or GONE, at any rate.

  3. You’re turning 4 decades old? Well, congrats to you! I would never have guessed! Running keeps you young, I guess?


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