Posted by: Karen | July 29, 2006

Hostess Run & Unplugging

ORN: My mom and a couple of buddies are in town for a Conference and had the darndest time trying to find their way home from the Saddledome last night. They got lost in the maze of one-way streets downtown. This morning I drove them in their car to the C-train station (one train takes them all the way there) so they could have a much easier time coming and going, and then I ran back home.

I had a nice jog back, and dipsy-doodled up and down some hills and paths for 45 minutes before coming home. It was a pleasant 15C/59F under cloud cover, but the 75% (unusual) humidity had me dripping by the end.

Now I get to spend the day with Hubby, shopping and packing up the car for our tenting trip next week. We’re heading south towards the Montana border, and I’m hoping to fit in a 10k race in Milk River next Saturday 🙂

Like Donald, who left us all with re-runs to read while he was gone, I’m recommending a couple other places for you to go while I’m gone. Check out the Calgary Roadrunners Race Report Archives, if you’d like read any of my pre-blog race reports.

I highly recommend John Harding’s article on the training benefits of Downhill Running. Many runners I know associate running down hills with injury, but John talks about how you can actually use downhill running to improve strength and performance. If you’d like a more condensed (and brightly coloured) version of it, check out David Ong’s re-print, here.

If you’re feeling a little lonely, hop over to visit Brit and check out how much fun she’s having at Blogher. LOTS of friends to make there.



  1. The Saddledome!!! I’ve seen that! 🙂

    Have a WONDERFUL and challenging (but nit TOO TOO) time on your camping trip!



  2. That was supposed to be “NOT”, not “nit”
    I HATE typos.

  3. Good luck in the race and have a nice vacation. We’ll miss you ofcourse. So when are you coming to NY to race?

  4. Dipsy doodliing — a term I haven’t heard in about 30 years. Hope there’s some of that in your immediate future with the camping trip.

  5. hey is milk river anywhere near waterton park? smsmh and i spent a fall camping trip up around there once…a looong time ago. have a great time!

  6. I don’t think I’ve ever used the phrase “south toward Montana” before. Have a nice break!

  7. When is my Karen getting home????????


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