Posted by: Karen | July 26, 2006

Shoe Test, Newbie Sighting, Hills

I showed up at Gord’s last night and there was Dawn talking with John, the New Balance Rep. There were quite a few runners there and anyone who wanted to could try out a pair of New Balance 767s for the evening’s run. I doffed my worn Saucony’s and tried on a nice, new pair of blue and white ones.Duke showed up for his first run with us and after a little running we decided that Dawn and Kris’s pace would be a good starting point for him this first time. Dawn talked his ear off about shoes and run/walk intervals, looping back for her as he gets faster and general tips for starting out. I ran ahead with Tim to the Tom Campbell hill and then we did a roller-coaster route on the way back through Bridgeland. I need to get as many hills in as possible for Moose Mountain in September.We met up with Duke, Dawn and Kris towards the end and Dawn and I had fun sprinting to the No Parking sign. She really can MOVE! We had a good laugh and then told the New Balance guy what we thought of his shoes.

I’ve never run in New Balance – I usually end up in Saucony or Brooks. The NB 767s had a less prominent arch support, but a nice foot shape. My foot didn’t move around, yet there was lots of room for my forefoot and toes to spread out. I developed a hot spot under the left ball of my foot, but I think that was more of a sock thing than a shoe thing. The NBs seemed very light, compared to my Sauconys. Light is good.  I tend to get a little knock kneed when I run, though, and I don’t know if the 767s supported my stride well enough. Hard to tell with one run. They went up and down hills just fine. And they chased Dawn in our finishing sprint very quietly and quickly 😀

We all got free t-shirts for trying out free shoes for the night. Hey, I’m not racing much this year, I can always use another t-shirt.





  1. I’m a Saucony girl, too, so it’s always nice to get a perspective like yours. I have been told that one should be open to trying different brands of shoes.

    Sounds like you had a great time!

  2. Free T? If only I’d known! I always thought of NB shoes as being bulky and heavy…maybe I need to go there again. Have a good weekend.


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