Posted by: Karen | July 22, 2006


In the interest of avoiding post-marathon training funk, I was encouraged to plan beyond the big race. While I was pounding the pavement during my May and June long runs I realized how much I really preferred running trails, and I thought back to how much I enjoyed running on Moose Mountain a few years ago. 

This morning I registered myself for a Moose Mountain trail race on September 9th. I had told myself that I would not choose which MM distance I would run until I had recovered from my marathon, and I’m glad I did. Here was how I chose which distance to race.

29 Km Distance

  • Conquest – Another accomplishment under my belt
  • I could do it this year.
  • Why waste all this marathon training on one race?
  • Hello, 3000 ft Elevation gain on this course!
  • 4.5+ hour guesstimated finish time = more 3+ hour training runs.
  • My family and I have had enough of my 3+ hour training runs.
  • An entire season of hilly trail training would give me a better base for this route in ’07. 
  • It could be my “A” race next year.

Telephone Loop (16 km)

  • I reeeeally enjoyed the last time I ran the Telephone Loop.
  • ~2 hour expected finish time.
  • I don’t have to start until 11:00 am!
  • I have “accomplished” enough big, long races for this year.
    (It took me 6 YEARS to get around to a marathon.
    Have you noticed I don’t rush into these things?)
  • I still get the same great shirt and camaraderie.
  • After running a paved, flat, hot, city marathon for almost 6 hours, 2 hours of scenic mountain trails sounds like a great way to kick back and have a lot of FUN.
  • FUN is what my racing is all about, eh?
  • Yes, I have a warped sense of fun 🙂

Yeah, I’ll take the Telephone Loop for now…



  1. Its not about the running, its always about the FUN.

  2. That sounds like a fun one. When is it?


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