Posted by: Karen | July 19, 2006

Back At It

Somebody wrote workouts on my calendar for July and August. Was that me? Was I really planning beyond that big race? It’s in my handwriting…

I didn’t run for a whole week after my marathon. This Sunday (1 week post-M) I went out for a very short 15 minute jog on the gravel road near my Mom’s. I could have done more, but I just did that. It felt good.

Last night I showed up at Gord’s and was thrilled to find out we were running the “Goat Trails” up and down the dirt paths in the wild park between Crescent Heights and Sunnyside. I ran with Tanya, who had competed in an adventure race over the weekend. She was a little stiff and pleaded for walk breaks, and my legs were kind of heavy, so we were quite the pair.

I really enjoyed hiking up and running down the dirt paths. The marathon course didn’t have any of those. Wheeeeee! We took a fairly short route, and made it back to the store in 38 minutes.

On the way home Dawn and I stopped for ice cream at Peter’s Drive-In. It was nice just to unwind and enjoy the summer evening together.



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