Posted by: Karen | July 14, 2006

Getting There

I realize you’re all waiting anxiously for a blow-by-blow account of my first marathon, but it’s going to have to wait another several hours/days. I think I’ve recovered from the actual lo-o-o-o-ong RUN – I actually took several steps yesterday without muscle twinges. How long should it take one’s immune system to recover from the microbial assault of visiting 4 portapotties, including the intimate application of vaseline each time (no handwashing either, ick, combined with a morning diet of Gatorade, gels, and intense sunshine?

I also had to recover from the excitement of our 5-day whirlwind of Penguin Stampede early mornings, late nights, greetings and farewells. All this while my boss and husband expected me to attend “work as usual” from Tuesday on, with my 10 y.o. in tow. My boss (a Realtor) is not supposed to be this busy in the summertime, eh?

Yesterday my body decided it needed to be sick with a fever and chills and swollen glands.  I managed my ill feelings the best way I knew how last night – I gave my teenage son the password to my computer, had him order in pizza, and collapsed on the couch to watch So You Think You Can Dance and America’s Got Talent.

My husband rescued me from the couch (and yodelling) by bringing me a medicinal Hot Lemon Brandy, which in its recipe specifically states that it must be drunk in bed for the utmost healing results.

Now, after a delightfully long sleep, I’m going to drag my 10 y.o. back into work for one more day and try to seem efficiently helpful for 4-5 hours or so.

Marathon report coming eventually. Stay tuned!



  1. “Being rescued by a husband” why can’t that happen to moi?

  2. Get better soon, too!

  3. don’t worry, i’m just sitting here tapping my foot…

  4. Intimate application of Vaseline in a portapotty? Um, Karen, have you considered getting, uh, tested??? 😉

  5. *tapping fingers* …waiting, waiting

  6. Heh, heh. I think it took me a week before I would walk faster than a snail’s pace. Ibuprofin and stetches. Maybe splurge on a professional massage? I think they let you drink hot lemon brandy while they do it. 🙂

  7. Hmmm, let’s see, for the past six-eight months you’ve been pushing your body further than it’s ever been pushed and now that the big event is over, you’ve finally relaxed and your body knows that now it can recover. Yep, sounds about right. I’ve discovered I’m pretty much useless for a full week after a ‘thon. You’ll know better what to expect after the next one…. 🙂 Umm, there *will* be a next one, right?

    Meanwhile, I’ll just hit “refresh” every few minutes or so until the full RR is posted….

  8. Microbial attack! I won’t stand for it, Nosiree it just isn’t allowed! You just had the Canadian version of “gu tummy” you’ll be fine but I think we need to hear more about your vaseline habit in order to make a complete diagnosis, hehe! Run Good! OBTW, Still waiting…

  9. Feel better soon. I only ran half your distance and I still haven’t posted my “long” report. However the pictures will soon be posted. Hopefully tonight.


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