Posted by: Karen | July 12, 2006

One Word/Step at a Time

I am finding that writing a marathon race report (with a fabulous Encounter included) is as overwhelming as accomplishing a marathon! I will tackle the writing like I trained for the race and prepared for our encounter – a little at a time. Hopefully now that most of our Penguins have returned home, they’ll be posting their reports soon, too.

In the meantime, our Penguin Stampede blog has results up, and a synopsis of some things we did Thursday and Friday. Linda from Wardlow has her report and some fantastic pictures up on her blog. Dawn also has tons of great pictures and some reporting of events from the weekend.

I’ve got to get to work now, but keep checking back over the week for more reports of the fun we had.



  1. When it BURSTS to be written, you will write it! 🙂

    Or else you’ll force yourself to write it when you start worrying about forgetting everything! It IS your first, so you know you MUST write it!


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