Posted by: Karen | July 6, 2006

Company’s Here…

… and there’s more coming for our Penguin Stampede.

Little Runner and I picked up *jeanne* at the airport yesterday at around noon and after lunch we drove her around town to meet Dawn and Dianne. Dawn had been working hard all day at the Mewata Armoury, where the race expo will be starting Friday, and also where the race start and finish will be on Sunday. We caught up with Dianne late in the afternoon, so it was just a brief visit before we headed back to my house for supper (beef stew from my slow cooker).

I first met *jeanne* in person when I flew to Tampa for the Penguin Winter Carnival. It is so cool that she could come to my home all the way up here in Calgary! I think she spent most of the day just marvelling that she got here 🙂

Today I will be a whirlwind of stuff-getting-done. I will drop off Little Runner with Grandma so they can go to the Zoo. Cheryl and Virgil (from Nebraska) will be driving into town, and hopefully will find me before Jeannie and I leave to get Glenn G. (from Toronto) from the airport. Then we’ll stop by the Mewata Armoury again, to drop off Jeanne with Dawn, to do some volunteering. I’d stay and volunteer too, but I need to buy food and stuff for our weiner roast tonight.

ORN: I did run with the Gord’s Running Store runners on Tuesday night. Tanya and I had a nice jog through the hot evening to the west end of the Zoo and back, for about 6.5 km. I was glad Tanya was there, as we had to come back past the homeless centre, and there were all kinds of unsavoury types out enjoying the weather. As we approached the Langevin bridge we heard a preacher who had gathered an audience. He looked and sounded like he was from Africa. Fascinating how, for decades, our churches have sent over missionaries to Africa to share the Message, and now it is coming full circle – their missionaries are coming to us.

Okay, the warm milk I had is starting to take effect now. Time to catch a few more winks before the Penguin Stampede whirlwind sweeps me up.



  1. I’ll be seeing you on Saturday!! Have fun ’til I get there!


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