Posted by: Karen | July 1, 2006

July Challenge

It’s Tour de France time again, so I’m encouraging everyone to get on your bike and go for a ride. This won’t be much of a challenge for you folks already into multi-sports, but for runners like me who mostly just run, it’s a reminder to get out there and do some cross-training.

I offer my condolences to those who are disappointed by the recent TDF drug scandal. Hopefully even without the favoured front-runners we can still cheer on and be inspired by those in the back of the pack.

I’m not saying you have to ride all the way across Canada like 66 y.o. Janice Kenyon, or even virtually ride across the U.S. like my friends here, but you can definitely use them for inspiration.

Don’t give me the excuse that you don’t have a fancy bike, either. My clunky old second-hand mountain bike (Olga) is still good for some low-impact resistance training, and that’s what I’ll be using.



  1. All I have right now is my folding bicycle with 20″ wheels. I’m not sure how far I’ll get riding that, but I’ll try. 🙂

  2. So where do I sign up Karen and what do to update the tally?

  3. Ummm its July 1st, I’m in shock. The challenge is up on the first day of the month. Is this more of your taper madness. *ducks and runs*

  4. I rode my bike (well actually I took Terry’s) to work and back home again. It was a great day to spend Canada Day. And I worked all day at Bow Cycle – so helping people bike should count for some good brownie points. Anyway, biking to work and back was about 25K and I did it without bike shorts (note to self – must wear bike shorts). I’m doing my first duathalon ever tomorrow and it’s offroad and I’m nervous and excited all in one. So there will be some biking in there too! Thanks Karen for the reminder to enjoy our wheels (even if they belong to someone else!!!!)

  5. Hi, Karen! What an easy challenge for me! I am just going out today for my weekly 50 km ride. I will have a lot of fun doing it too! Hope your taper is going well and good luck on your upcoming marathon! On that day I will be running 10 km for you. I will be going for further testing on my big toe because I have doubts about the diagnosis. But I want to wait until AFTER my July 15th 5peaks run. I hope you feel so great on July 9th that you win the marathon first place overall!

  6. Thanks for the challenge and the link, Karen! I got in a good start of about 98-99 km on July 1st, hopefully with many more to come this month!

  7. yay! i biked this weekend. to work and from work, for a total of 33+ miles.

  8. Hey, sorry about Germany. Well, not really. You know how it is. I’m with you on the biking, though – it’s a great way of cross training. If we could just arrange it so there weren’t so many trucks and inattentive drivers out there, I’d do it a lot more!


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