Posted by: Karen | June 29, 2006

Technical Difficulties

The text on my blog page has turned into blue-on-blue with my last post and I couldn’t fix it this morning. Not sure how to fix it now either (just checking in – busy day), but hopefully I’ll have time later. Dawn? Help?

 In the meantime, if you highlight the text by clicking and dragging over it, it should be easier to read.



  1. The “Geek in Pink” has fixed it all up for you. Working in the new Word Press Format sometimes does strange things. When I checked out the code, you had all kinds of extra tags in there that were making the font blue and changing the size. I found the sizing problem in a couple of other posts and its all fixed. Next time you are over, I will show you how to fix it. Its easy enough but you need to know what you are looking for.

  2. PS – just chalk it up to taper madness…

  3. Lucky Dawn didn’t turn it all pink!

  4. Looks good now, Karen.

    And it sounds like you are certainly in the throws of taper madness now. Even though you think the 20 was hard, now you are building up again. Better. Stronger. Faster. Just like Steve Austin. Rest and be good to the legs, Karen. Its going to be a great day. 🙂


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