Posted by: Karen | June 28, 2006

Sweat It Out

Yesterday was the kids’ last day of school and I was off work, so I rested up with my head cold drank my fluids, and didn’t do much else. Since I was SO rested, after supper I showed up at Gord’s Running Store for a little jog with the group.

I know most of my non-running family/friends think going out for a run with a head cold is not a good idea, but as long as it’s not in my neck or below, an easy run is good to clear the head. It was pretty hot yesterday, about 27C/80F, so I hoped to sweat some of those cold germs out.

There were quite a few folks there, even a couple of new people. Tanya was back after a month of not running so she stayed with me as I did a very slow walk/jog. She was all bubbly with lots of news. We celebrated her last day of formal schooling, and talked about an adventure race she’s going to do this summer. I think we walked more than we ran. I drank my whole bottle of water and then another one afterwards.

Dawn and I chatted about more details for the Penguin Stampede on the way home, and about how we still haven’t sent out the prizes for the May Challenge yet. They’re coming, eventually 🙂



  1. Sounds like some great running weather up there. I’m really envious. I hope your head cold clears quickly for you.


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