Posted by: Karen | June 27, 2006

Right On Cue

If you were going to come down with a head cold during your marathon training, when would it be? You know, assuming that you couldn’t put it off until, say, a day or two after the race. You’d put it in the taper-time, right? After you’d got in the big long runs? Say, with enough time to recover so that you could still get in a gentle, slow 10 miler the weekend before? You’d probably schedule it for your first day off work, right after the kids’ soccer tournament & double birthday-party weekend, right?

Well, I’ve got bowling-ball head right on cue. Alternately runny and stuffy nose, popping ears, and that sexy, scratchy voice that goes so well with a red nose. I’ve been pretty careful about my immune system during this last month of training. I’ve been taking extra vitamin C, the occasional zinc lozenge and echinacea tea when I feel a little run down, lots of fruit, etc. The cold caught me anyway.

Let’s hope I can nip it in the bud and get over it in good time for the marathon. If I get enough rest today (very likely) I’ll be at Gord’s tonight. I’ll probably do more walking than running. If you’re coming along? Bring your own water.



  1. A very common pre-marathon malady. I’ve heard runners are more suspectible to whatever’s floating around because the final phases of training break down immune systems to a certain degree. I’m not sure how valid it is, but it does seem like a lot of people come down with colds and stomach bugs just prior to the big day.

  2. That’s not a cold, that’s an enforced taper! Relax and get better soon!

  3. Feel better soon! Better now than on race day.


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