Posted by: Karen | June 25, 2006

Penguin Rule #13

13. “A Half Marathon is  a LONG way to run.”

That’s what my legs said yesterday, when I ran 21.4 km according to this Gmap I made. Yes, it’s about 10 km less than I ran last weekend, but it still felt really long. It took me really long, too. I usually think of myself as running that distance in somewhere close to 2:45, but I took 2:55 this time.

It started out pretty good. I got up at about 5:30 a.m. and started running at around 7:00. My knee didn’t give me any trouble for a long time, and my calves and feet felt nicely loose and strong. The pathways were delightfully deserted, being Saturday morning instead of my usual Sunday. 

Once I got east of Crowchild I began Colleen, Helen & George at LUTW last summer.seeing more runners, and waved hello to a couple of great Roadrunners I know, Colleen and George. They organize one of my favourite races every summer, for Light Up the World. We stopped for a few seconds to chat.

I counted 32 runners before I met up with Sylvie heading west from Prince’s Island. I turned around and ran her short loop to 10th and then back to Eau Claire. We made a pit stop and headed back to Crowchild. She then returned back east to finish her loops and I went west the last 6 km back to my car.

It had been great having company, but now the running got hard again. Shortly after 2 hours my left knee ached for a while. I stopped at the washrooms for a few minutes and then when I carried on it felt better. In the last km I tried to pick up the pace just a smidge and it was very hard to do. I was smiling by the time I was done!

I had a cool bath for a while, then a nice warm shower, and picked up Soccer Boy from his practice. I iced my knee later in the day. The knee wasn’t particularly painful, just kind of… uncooperative.

I even got in a NAP, as Little Runner was at a party for a couple of hours. LR and I will be doing some walking today, to help her accumulate her distance for the Timbits Marathon she’ll be completing while I’m still out on the race course. She’s done her half marathon, as well; we have 20 more km for her to do before race day. I’m thinking the walking might do me a lot of good today.



  1. I sure hope that knee continues to behave. Good for you doing the ice bath (or, at least getting into teeth-chattering water). I’m a wuss when it comes to those things.

  2. I’m impressed! You certainly did deserve a nap.

  3. And now you get the privilege of tapering…. mmmm, doesn’t that sound good?

  4. Great job. 🙂


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