Posted by: Karen | June 22, 2006

Tuesday Tale

Center Street Bridge from the EastNot much of a tale to tell, really, but I did get out for a nice run from Gord’s Running Store with Krista. Dawn didn’t come – she’s been pretty busy with her Calgary Marathon Committee obligations. Linda didn’t come – she overdid it last week and has to wait until the inflammation goes down before she can come out again.

Krista hadn’t been doing much running except for twice a month when she shows up at Gord’s, so she was pretty easy to keep up with. This was a good thing, as I had plenty of opportunity to suggest walk breaks and we had a leisurely chat between the Langevin and 10 Street bridges along the river (we ran under the Center Street Bridge). We’d gotten some hail in my neighbourhood  about an hour or two before the run, so it was cool out, at 15C/60F. That temperature was just right once we got going.

When we went up the Curling Club stairs towards the end, Krista planned to alternate running and walking up flights. I chose to just walk all the way up at a steady pace and was glad, because I was quite winded by the top. Krista gave me a head start and finished close to the same time as me. It was a nice way to recover from Sunday’s long run.

Now I have to scoot, as I have some stuff to do for the Penguin Stampede. I need to post some information about who’s coming, what we’re going to do, and how much FUN we’re going to have around the Calgary Marathon.



  1. Another deposit safely into the marathon bank – well done!


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