Posted by: Karen | June 16, 2006

Try New Things in Training…

… because there’s a Penguin Rule that says “NEVER try (as in eat, wear) anything new on race day.” 

I postponed last night’s run to today, in hopes of better weather, but it looks like I’ll be out running in the rain anyway tonight. Ah well, what if it rains on race day, eh?

Postponing my Thursday run to Friday means that my Long Run gets bumped from Saturday to Sunday morning again. I’m going to do something really radical for me – I’m going to show up with a Running Room Sunday run group and tag along on their 32 km, pre-marathon group run.

It’s not that I have anything against John Stanton or the amazing success that he’s having with his multiple franchises. I’ve just always had so much support from the Calgary Roadrunners, Penguin Yahoogroups and Gord’s Running Store that I’ve never really felt the need to hang out with people who actually pay to learn to run (read: I’m too cheap).

During my last big, long run a couple of weeks ago, however, I felt like I could have used a) some company and b) some reassurance that the distance I thought I was running was really correct. I’m a little leery about veering off my usual bow-river pathway course where I know where all the bathrooms are. Will there be enough bathrooms? Will I find them in time?

I even had an anxiety dream about Sunday’s run: I had shown up in a cotton t-shirt and shorts, with no socks (I run in socks), in the 5 y.o. Sauconys I wear around the house instead of slippers. I wasn’t even wearing a running bra. And yet, I was still contemplating running 32 km dressed like that, because I HAD to get the run in. Right then.

I haven’t even started dreaming about the marathon itself yet. Still, it’s time I ventured into the Running Room side of it. Maybe there will even be someone going my pace.

Also, Coach Dianne has informed me that maybe that bloating and runny-tummy feeling I get during long runs has a lot to do with the maltodexdrin in my gels of choice. Yup, Chocolate PowerBar gels and Chocolate and Coffee GUs (LOVE the GU) have it listed as their first ingredient. And during that last long run, when I had NO tummy troubles in the second half? I was eating a PowerBAR, as I was out of gels. Hmmmm.

Maybe I’ll try Clif Shots this Sunday – is Brown Rice Syrup better?



  1. Clif shots are not yummy but they do seem to work. I’m a fan of the Honety Stingers tho I think they are getting harder to find.

  2. Oops! Supposed to be Honey! Run Good!

  3. Chocolate Honey Stingers don’t taste good. I guess I could try some other flavour than chocolate, but, but, if they can’t do CHOCOLATE right, can they really do anything else justice?


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