Posted by: Karen | June 14, 2006

Fun Group Run

Last night I picked up my friend Linda L. and we showed up at Gord’s Running Store for the usual. This was anything but usual for Linda, who broke both her ankles last winter. She is not able to run yet, and going down hills gives her trouble, but she walked 30 blocks last night while the rest of us ran. What a trooper!

The Zen quote went something like this:
The fish swim – there is no end to the water. The birds fly – there is no end to the sky. Then it was something about wind. I forget the exact wording, but I have an image of a big woosh bearing me upward. It was a nice thought.

Tim and I ran down the Curling Club stairs and followed Memorial Drive out towards the Zoo. We turned around at the “short zoo” point, went through the park to the Inglewood side, then back to Center Street and back up. We chatted about work and friends and death (he’s in the funeral business) and what we were like as teenagers, and how our parents dealt with it. It was very cloudy out and smelled like rain, but we stayed dry (aside from sweating. it was 16C/60F out).

Sylvie and her friend passed us on the way up the Center Street bridge. Her friend was running with her little bulldog, Uno, who knows he’s absolutely “number one”. Cute.

 As we reached the top of the hill above Center Street bridge I saw Dawn and Kris a ways ahead of us and Tim and I tried to catch them before they made it to the crosswalk light. We didn’t make it, but Dawn hadn’t stopped winning there. After we crossed the street Dawn did a quick shoulder check and then took off like a shot the last 1/2 block to Gord’s. We laughed in surprise and then tried to catch up. I gave quite a burst of energy at the end and managed to touch the No Parking sign with a whoop just after Dawn did. Finishing sprints with friends are so much fun 🙂

We had a nice visit afterwards and it was good to have Linda back with us again. Heal well, Linda!



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