Posted by: Karen | June 13, 2006

June Challenge – A Night Run

Better late than never, here’s the June Challenge. There’s a pun involved in that first phrase, and hopefully you’ll get it in a minute.

Back in 2004 (2003?) Glenn Gabriel of the Toronto Penguins issued a very tough challenge. In celebration of June having the longest days of the year, he challenged us to run or walk the same amount, however small, in every single hour of the 24 hour clock.

I took him up on the challenge, and actually got up in the middle of the night to get my chosen 15 minute runs around my block. A couple of nights I ran from a quarter-to to a quarter-after the hour, just to sneak two of the hours into the same night. It was weird. My dog got very confused. I did learn a lot about myself in that strange quest, however. Aside from learning about the quiet beauty of shadows, the rhythmic sound of my breath and footfalls in near-silence, and wonderfully fresh smelling air, I also learned that I could do anything. Okay, maybe not Anything, but I learned that I had fewer limits than I thought I did.

Since we had 30 days to do that challenge and I’m issuing this challenge quite late in the month, I’m simplifying it. I want you to go out and run or walk just once in the middle of the night, at a time you wouldn’t normally go.

I realize that many of you have externally limiting factors in regards to crime rates, etc., so be responsible about it, but just once this month, see if you can. You might even drive somewhere safer than your neighbourhood. If you don’t choose to do this challenge due to safety reasons I’ll absolutely understand. Otherwise? Give it a shot, and tell us about it. You might learn something about yourself, and if you do, we’d love to hear it.

Bonus points if you run in the dark on the shortest night of the year, June 21 (22? can someone help me with this?). For more inspiration on night running, check out Runnergirl’s blog post.



  1. Too bad this isn’t July’s challenge–I’m running a midnight 10K on July 4th! But I’ll manage; my ‘hood is pretty safe 🙂 Thanks for coming up with the challenges for us, Karen!

  2. […] Mymymy. We have neglected our Penguin Stampede blog so. We’re fine tuning our event schedule behind-the-scenes, but to keep you busy until we have it posted, have a look at our June Challenge. […]

  3. […] I have taken Karen’s challenge to Run at night under advisement. I love running in the dark. It so quiet and cool. And since I missed my morning run yesterday (alarm clock troubles) I thought about doing it this morning when I picked my sister up at the airport, at 2am. Which I was happy to do 1. because I got to drive the air conditioned car 2 because I only had to take the baby 3. because at 2am I was doing 45 on one lay of the freeway due to construction 4. no morning commuter traffice 5. yeah did I mention the construction? […]


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