Posted by: Karen | June 12, 2006

May Challenge Results

Dawn Henry in Calgary May 6, 17:22

Nikayla Dawn’s Granddaughter 17:22

*Anne in California May 6th 13:00

John Vezina in Devon, Alberta May 13th 9:27

Marilyn Vezina in Devon, Alberta May 13th 10:17

Glenn Gabriel in Toronto May 14th 11:05

Louise in Grand Rapids, May 14th, 12:47

Robb Runner in Nova Scotia May 15th 6:30

Mike in New Brunswick May 17th 6:40

Robert in Colorado May 18th 9:00

Karen (that’s me) in Calgary May 18th 9:58

Jeanne in Chesapeake Bay May 21st 8:06

*Nancy in Arlington May 21 11:47

Dudley in Louisiana May 25th 12:09

Pushpa in Ottawa May 24 13:07

Carlene in Ottawa May 24 13:07

*Marsha in Florida May 25 9:36

Linda P near Wardlow, Alberta May 25 11:30

Linae in Florida May 25 8:29

Barbara in Boston May 27 8:15

Joanne in Toronto May 28 12:54

*Adeel in Toronto May 28 5:16

*Ron in Charlotte May 28 8:32

Dianne in Calgary May 28 16:30

*Sarah in Anchorage May 29 14:56

Kecia in St. Louis May 31 9:05

Pam in Minnesota May 31 16:00

So, we didn’t reach 100 miles – we DID have 27 measured, timed miles submitted to the challenge, which is almost a marathon plus one.

It took us 5 hours and 9 minutes to run our Marathon Plus One relay. The average mile took 11:44, and the median mile wasn’t far off at 11:47.

The judges have conferred and here are the prizes we’ll be awarding:
Adeel in Toronto – Fastest
Sarah in Anchorage – Mountain Goat
Nancy in Arlington – First Triathlon Mile submitted
and also most average – not bad for having swum and biked first)
Anne in California – Pinkest
Marsha in Florida – Personal Record
Ron in Charlotte, N.C. – Better-Late-Than-Never, Ultimate Penguin Award
(he submitted his mile the latest)

Honourable mentions for close-but-no-cigar:
Jack in Germany submitted any one of his 31 miles run one after the other in
an ultra. Heather near Wardlow, Alberta submitted a belly dancing mile. While both of the above were pretty neat entries, a timed, measured mile was
required to be part of the relay.

For those of you who missed this challenge and are disappointed you didn’t get to participate, don’t fret, I’ll be issuing it again later on in the year.


  1. Mine may not have been a conventional mile, but I’m ‘tickled pink’ to be one of the honorees. Thanks!

  2. Be thankful I didn’t send in my mile. By the way, I do walk in Superstore at least once a week. Does that count? I usually tour the whole store on purpose, pushing a cart of course. And I do park a fair way away from the door too. Sometimes I even do the same in Walmart, on the same day even! And of course, now that summer is here, I ride my bike to the mailbox and back, sometimes….
    so glad that my daughter didn’t learn all my bad habits!!! Go, girl, Go! Love, Mom


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