Posted by: Karen | June 6, 2006

Fell Off My Blog Chair

Is it tomorrow yet? No? I’m pretty sure I mentioned that I’d post the results to the May Challenge and a June Challenge “tomorrow”. It isn’t tomorrow yet. Do you know that if you type the word “tomorrow” too many times in a row the spelling starts to look really wierd?

Yes, I’m tired and punchy. Yes, the last week has been quite the whirlwind (barely had time to run 3 km during the week) and the weekend was NOT enough time to catch up.

I did run somewhere around 17-18 miles one after the other on Sunday morning. I’m kind of sketchy about the actual distance I covered, but however far I ran, it took me 3 hours and 40 minutes. Yup, longest run ever. I will run even longer on the Father’s Day weekend. I AM getting in my runs this week, starting tonight at Gord’s.

I’m feeling pretty tired and allergic (sneezy) this last week or two, but not sick. Two weeks until the taper starts. I can do this.

Sorry to keep you in suspense about the May Challenge results and prizes, etc. but Life and marathon training are taking priority. Oh, and work. Time to get to work…



  1. I’ve been so out of it lately. At least you are doing some productive things!

  2. i’m with ya, karen. lots of craziness going on. just think of how much time you’ll have to blog and catch up during the taper. wee!

    and, yeah, tomorrow, tomorrow starts to look like tomato or something.

  3. Last week I kind of panicked about trying to Get It All Done and was freaking out about how I just couldn’t keep up this level of training for much longer!

    In the last 45 minutes of my long run my knee ached and I had to tell myself to STOP LIMPING (which worked, wierdly enough). Then I remembered reading about everyone else’s fears and struggles during that last couple of weeks of hard training and said to myself “I can do this.”

    Not just the runs, but the crazy family schedule around the runs, too. I’m SUPPOSED to feel tired from working hard in training. It’s SUPPOSED to feel like a stretch schedule-wise. It’s SUPPOSED to be a challenge!

    I can DO this!

    … and I’m fantasizing about taper-madness already 🙂

  4. Of course you can do this! Sometimes I think we are all our own biggest doubters.tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow … nup, still looks the same to me. Maybe if I don’t use copy/paste…..

  5. Good Luck with the end of your training and your race. Once taper gets here, you will have so much more time! That is the best part about it. All of a sudden you have this extra time on your hands. It feels like someone gave you this wonderful gift of a few extra hours of free time!


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