Posted by: Karen | May 31, 2006

May Challenge – Last Chance

Today’s your last chance to participate in the May Challenge, our 100 x 1 mile relay. Keep sending in those miles, folks! Tomorrow I hope to post?a full wrap-up and new challenge for June.

ORN: I did get out last night, despite having to skip attending the usual Gord’s Tuesday night run. A scheduling conflict with Hubby (he had a company golf tournament) meant I ended up taking Soccer Boy to his game, with Little Runner tagging along. I stationed LR at a playground and ran back and forth in a quiet crescent for a very sluggish 20 minutes. The sun shone, the freshly rained-on earth smelled divine, but I didn’t muster much energy. Sometimes, I just have to sit on a bench and smell the honeysuckle. and slap mosquitoes…

We headed back to SB’s game and enjoyed cheering his team on to a substantial victory.



  1. ok,, I my mile is going to be a bellydancing mile, with all the practice and the final concert. I have done a mile of shimmy,chest shimmy, hip shimmy, belly rolls, hips pushes,chest push, down hips, up hips, and many more moves to complete my mile!!! 🙂

  2. bleh…just getting caught up on blogs now and i see i missed the opportunity to challenge robb for the mile time! booo. booo to me for being a bad blogger.

    congrats on your recent long runs, karen! you’re well on your way to the race!

  3. […] Is it tomorrow yet? No? I’m pretty sure I mentioned that I’d post the results to the May Challenge and a June Challenge “tomorrow”. It isn’t tomorrow yet. Do you know that if you type the word “tomorrow” too many times in a row the spelling starts to look really wierd? […]


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