Posted by: Karen | May 29, 2006

Triathlon Cheering

Sunday morning we were up early again. My daughter and I were on the road by 8:15 am, Done the bike partheaded for the Sprint at Chinook’s Edge in Innisfail, where my buddy, “Coach” Dianne was racing her first triathlons of the season.  I arrived at the race shortly after Dianne left on her bike. Her husband was there with their boys (“Tigger”, 6, and “Garfield”, 2.5 yrs) and Little Runner played happily with them in a play area near the pool. When we were expecting Dianne back from her bike ride, her hubby handed their youngest over to me by putting him up on my shoulders. It was kind of difficult to take Dianne’s cycling picture, but somehow I managed, and I was glad that Garfield didn’t mind being with me when his Dad left with his older sibling (“Tigger” had a birthday party to attend).We all cheered Dianne out of bike-run transition before Derek and Tigger left and then Little Runner, Garfield and I headed to a nearby school playground.

Heading for the FINISH I started my stop watch so I’d have an idea of when to head back to the finish line.We waited for Dianne at a park bench conveniently located maybe 25 meters from the finish. When the red shirt with the bright pink hat in the distance waved at us, we hooted and hollered back.

Yay Dianne!

We stuck around the finish until all of the heats were done. I hung out in the food tent with Nancy C. and Little Runner pitched in as a “chip girl”. There was another girl her age assigned to following finishers around, giving them water and demanding their chips. I nicknamed the other girl the “Chip Nazi” and Little Runner the “Chip Monkey”. Garfield had been getting more and more tired while Dianne put away her gear, and shortly after she sat down to eat he laid down in front of her for a “nap attack”.akagarfield.jpg



  1. How great of you to be somebody’s cheering section! Those are the kind of favors that come back around to you eventually.

  2. Great photos! It’s always nice to have friends around during races. Dianne is lucky.

  3. She looks GREAT!!!
    And that nap attack is priceless! 😀
    You’re a great pal! 🙂

  4. Hi Honey, I’m home and heh, yours was the first blog I read…lol. Great pics.

  5. “Chip Nazi” made me laugh out loud! Looks like it was a fun day for everybody 🙂


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