Posted by: Karen | May 29, 2006

Busy Weekend & 20 km

Friday after work I packed up the car and my daughter and I headed north to visit family. We stopped in at my Grandma’s in Ponoka (2 hours away) and had a nice visit before carrying on to my mom’s place near Camrose. I got to sleep at around 11 and was up by 6:30 am to breakfast before my long run.

I set myself a simple course mostly along the highway with a 2-mile out-and-back on gravel in the middle. No time to plan anything more scenic, but I had to get my 20 km in. It was about 9C/48F with a NW breeze and cloudy – perfect for leggings and a long sleeved shirt. I felt like I went at a fairly solid effort throughout the run, but my watch tells me I was slower than I felt. Maybe it was the Battle River (creek)?valley I ran into and out of twice that slowed me down, though?I did run up both big hills!

I don’t run with music (other than what I dredge up from memory), so I counted animals and things along the way. I counted 31 cans and bottles worth a nickel each, 98 head of cattle (calves included), 10 ducks and one gopher.

Once I got home I quickly bathed, packed up the lunch my dear Mom gave me, and headed off to a cousin’s wedding in Edmonton (an hour away). Despite my unfamiliarity with Aaron and?Mark’s fair city, I easily found the church and settled in for a festive afternoon and evening with my Dad’s side of the family. The evening was made even more festive with regular reports from one of the groomsmen, who was following the Oiler’s victorious hockey game over the Mighty Ducks on his radio. I said my goodbyes before the dance began (about 20 minutes after the Oilers won), pleading a long drive and another early morning. Edmonton was a honking loud city when I left!



  1. Glad to see you got that run in that you were so worried about.

  2. What a busy day for you! Great job on getting in that run. It’s wierd to read about people running in tights and long sleeves in May. Very wierd. We’ve already switched to minimalist clothing down here.

    And congrats on the oiler’s win.


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